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Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. The weather was actually pretty decent. We went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters . It was awesome, I highly recommend checking it out especially if you love his movies. Anyway, on with Motivation Monday. Motivation is… Continue reading #motivationmonday

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Happy Friday!! I am so over this week, work was crazy and my house is a disaster so I'm really looking forward to getting things back in order and relaxing. The high of my week was: Going for a run without any GI issues! Big win in my book, I even had Buffalo Wild Wings after and… Continue reading TGIF

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Happy Monday everyone! This weekend didn't turn out how I was hoping weather wise (where was the sunshine?) but other than that it was good. Did get some patio drinking in which is what inspired today's post: how to stay motivated in the summer months.  When the weather starts warming up and the days get… Continue reading #motivationmonday