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Long time no blog. We're going to get back on track here The high of my week was: Our Junior League holiday party Tuesday evening. It was at the beautiful home of one our sustainers with a pianist, lots of food, cocktails and fun. I look forward to this party ever year 🙂 The low of… Continue reading TGIF

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And now some photos from Germany/Austria Sadly our first day in Munich was a bit ruined due to my consumption that I caught in England. Also I didn't think to buy cold meds in England, where things are written in English so I had to stand in the German Walgreens on Google Translate trying to… Continue reading Deutschland

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Vacation with a side of anxiety

I suffer from anxiety. I can't remember not ever having anxiety, it pretty much follows me around daily. However most days I can keep it at bay, and working out is a great way to squash those anxious feelings. However when it comes to vacations my anxiety runs rampant like Genghis Khan in his heyday.… Continue reading Vacation with a side of anxiety