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Long time no blog. Here's whats been going on: The high of my week was: Eating a corndog for breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair. Also my giant gummy bear on a stick. The low of my week was: This week has actually been pretty good. Tuesday was our first general membership meeting for Junior League and… Continue reading TGIF

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Guys, my 12 mile run Saturday was brutal. Honestly I didn't expect it to be that hard, it was only 12 miles which should have been relatively easy however the route I planned was....well soul crushing. The first half was great, went by quickly and I was feeling good. Then it all went downhill. Or… Continue reading #marathonmonday

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Halfway There

I'm just about halfway through marathon training and while I'm definitely not feeling burnout like I did the last time, it's slowly creeping in. I'm at the point where I have mild aches, soreness everyday. Also tired. Not in a, I didn't get enough sleep or eat well and I feel sluggish tired. Just...tired. I… Continue reading Halfway There