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Back to our regularly scheduled program today! Sooo happy it’s Friday this week seemed to drag on forever. My house is a disaster from being gone last weekend so I foresee a lot of cleaning in my weekend plans.

The high of my week was: Getting together with my management team for a happy hour Wednesday. I’m really excited and feel very fortunate to have an amazing group of women to work with next League year. I couldn’t have asked for a better team!

The low of my week was: Showing up for a meeting Monday night only to realize there was no meeting. Wah wahhh. Not really a big low, but still annoying.

A book I am reading: Still working through Hillbilly Elegy. I admittedly have not carved out any time to read lately. I need to work on that, this isn’t a hard or long book so I honestly should be able finish it in a weekend.

For my workouts I completed: 2 Nike Training Club workouts, two runs and I will go for a long-ish run Saturday. I’m still not feeling super confident about this half marathon but I’m getting there. I’ve only got 5 weeks left so I’ve really been kicking it into high gear.

The best money I spent was: Made the final payment on my VRBO rental for California! Only 20 days until we leave! I am so excited and so ready for a vacation.

My weekend plans are: Long run Saturday am, Board retreat planning after that. Then checking out a new taproom with friends. Saturday is going to be busssyyyy, but I’m looking forward to it as it’s supposed to be nice!! (Finally)

Have a great weekend!!


1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. You still got some great workouts in this week! My week was awful as I got an RA flare and I can’t work out when I am flaring since it just puts more stress on my body. :/ Hopefully I can resume working out. This is the time when I need it most from a stress management perspective AND from a weight management perspective! 😛 Enjoy your busy Saturday tomorrow! I’m most looking forward to date night at Alma with Phil tonight. We rarely eat out at fancy/expensive restaurants but it just makes it all the more special and exciting when we do! I’m also looking forward to making the seating cards for the wedding with the help of 2 girlfriends!

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