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Iceland Part 4

Back with Part 4 of our Iceland adventures. Click for parts 1, 2, and 3.

When we last left off we were relaxing in our hot tub enjoy the view. The next day we headed out to Dettifoss waterfall which was incredible

Detifoss 1detifoss 2

Now to get to this amazing waterfall, you have to earn it. It was quite the hike, we crossed streams, crossed every terrain under the sun. Sand, mud, rocks, literally everything. There were a couple of tour buses of older people and sadly some of them couldn’t make it. We definitely fell in the stream on our way out 🙂

detifoss 3

Again to point out Iceland’s lack of safety precautions, if we were to go over the edge there it was like a 100 ft drop. Luckily not into the waterfall but you’d probably be really hurt if not dead. Great view though.

After our Dettifoss adventure we wanted to head Ásbyrgi Canyon however when we got to the road it was uhh….not there. It was completely snow covered. The area around the road was also completely snow covered too so you couldn’t see the road at all. We had to scratch that plan as we didn’t pack our snowshoes. Instead we headed back to Lake Myvatn and decided to do a hike. Hiking in Iceland is also different. In the US the trails are longer, winding with the elevation gains being very gradual. In Iceland it’s like well here’s a mounting, go up. Which makes coming down super fun, luckily we had our trekking poles or else I probably would have fell all the way down.


Looks so easy right?


Taking a well deserved rest at the top. Also checking work emails.

When we got back to our cabin we stopped at the liquor store and got some beer. We finally figured out that you had to go to the state sponsored stores to get real beer. Groceries stores can only sell beer that is 3% or less. It was like being home in Minnesota.


We also made one of our excellent meals.


Dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated mac and cheese, french fries and hot dogs! After that hike I could not wait to eat this.

The next day we set off back to Lake Myvatn (seriously my favorite area in Iceland) and hiked the Hverfjall crater. Another just go straight up, you’ll be fine hike.



This is a volcanic crater, which is crazy. It was huuuugggeee. We have some good panoramic shots of it.

Because we hadn’t hiked enough yet we decided to trek over to a cave that was used in Game of Thrones. It ended up being a lot longer than we thought and we didn’t even think of sunscreen that day. We got a little sunburned. And the cave wasn’t even that cool.


Last but not least for the day, which was soooooo needed, we hit up the Lake Myvatn Nature Baths . Best. Place. Ever. I could have stayed there all day. Warm geothermal mineral pools, people there to bring you beer, amazing views. They wouldn’t let us bring in our camera for some reason but I was okay with it. Just got to focus on relaxing. The nature baths are similar to the Blue Lagoon but much much cheaper and it wasn’t crowded at all. I cannot recommend it enough.

Only 1 more post to go: Reykjavik!

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