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Weekend Recap

I was in Des Moines this past weekend visiting my bestie and I’m not great at social media when we’re together because now that we live 251 miles apart, I just focus on catching up. I love visiting Des Moines but at the same time it makes me sad; I miss that city so much. A large part of it is because all my friends are down there but I do miss the city itself. I’ll admit, Minneapolis generally has far more stuff to do but Des Moines has plenty going on and sometimes I miss how much more simple and quiet it is.

Anyway, we did our typical BDE (best day ever) stuff: lunch at Noodle Zoo (my fav!) manis/pedis, afternoon cocktails and shopping. Later that night we went and checked out two new cocktail bars that just opened up: Hello Marjorie and The Republic on Grand at the AC Marriott. Hello Marjorie was a very cool place and my martini was delicious. It was super packed though, which is good for a new bar however we only stayed for one cocktail as we wanted to be somewhere quieter. The Republic was good, they have a large rooftop patio which was also packed as it was quite nice outside. We opted to stay indoors where it was quieter and there were tables available. I’d recommend checking out both places if you are in town.

We ended the night at an old favorite, El Bait Shop. Word to the wise, if you’re thinking about downing some coffee because you’re in your early 30s and need a pick me up before heading out for the night maybe reconsider. We made this mistake and then proceeded to stay until bar close which is wayyyy past my bedtime. Although as we were leaving the bar we did witness a crazy fight and I had to call 911 because some chick grabbed jumper cables out of her car and was trying to beat people with them. All in all an exciting weekend.

Tomorrow, more Iceland!


1 thought on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I think it’s great that you focus on time with your friend and take a break from social media so you can soak up the moments! And I totally understand the ‘bigger/more going on’ is not always better. I love Minneapolis but I can see the appeal of DSM. Less traffic is so helpful as it’s a hassle to get around in Minneapolis at times. The way you feel about Mpls is how I feel about Chicago. I love it and it has more to offer than Minneapolis but Minneapolis has enough for me!

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