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Iceland Part 3

Back with part 3 of our Iceland adventure. See part 1 here and part 2 here

After spending 3 days in the south of Iceland it was time to make our way north. Driving in Iceland is pretty easy. There is a ring road and not a lot of people. However, if you want to see the interior of Iceland you will need a 4X4. Most of the interior roads of Iceland are “F” roads and you must, by law, have a 4X4 to drive on them. Take that seriously. We had a Suzuki Grand Vitara and we encountered some hellish roads, in fact I was 100% sure we broke that car. With that being said, before we left the south the hubs wanted to do a proper F road excursion. It. Was. Hell. A solid hour of bouncing around the car dodging big rocks and manuvering 12% grades on gravel roads. But he had fun, so whatever I guess.


Poor little thing.

Anyway, we were spending 1 night at a farmhouse B&B that was about a 3.5 hour drive. We took our time in the morning, did the spine breaking F road excursion so by the time we got to the B&B it was late afternoon. We decided to take it easy and relax and enjoy a REAL meal. (Not gas station hot dogs) Our B&B was also a restaurant and I don’t know that I have ever been so excited for a burger fries and beer. Even if all that cost $40. Yeah, food is expensive.



Not a bad view for dinner.

The B&B was a legit farm, I tried really hard to not think about the fact that the burger I was eating was once one of their cows that I was staring at. While there I basically spent my evening trying to befriend this little guy.

lamb 2lamb

He was having none of it 😦

That night we relaxed in the hot tubs (they’re everywhere!) and went to bed early. I was hoping to get a solid nights sleep but HAHA NO IT’S DAYLIGHT ALL THE TIME. We had another long driving day and we wanted to get an early start. So when I woke up to blinding sunlight I jumped out of bed and immediately started packing my bag thinking we had overslept. Grabbed my phone and…..nope. It was 3am. I missed the moon so much.

Anyway onward to the north and Akureyri my favorite part of Iceland! Their stoplights are heart shaped!


I seriously loved this town and this area so much. Not only do they have heart shaped lights but it is also home to….

Christmas house


christmas hosue

I want to move there and work there and live in that house. CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR LONG!

We had a long drive so after exploring the area and resupplying at the grocery store we went back to our cabin and you guessed it: relaxed in the hot tub. Seriously though with this view, there is nothing better.


Days 4 and 5 are what I would call “down days”. We did a lot of driving and it was kind of nice to just relax a bit. The next couple days are action packed so stay tuned!



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