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Happy Friday!! I am so over this week, work was crazy and my house is a disaster so I’m really looking forward to getting things back in order and relaxing.

The high of my week was: Going for a run without any GI issues! Big win in my book, I even had Buffalo Wild Wings after and no issues. Hoping I just had some weird stomach bug or something.

The low of my week was: Nothing terribly upsetting just some unfortunate timing of an 8am doctors appointment and needing to get something time sensitive done for work but the people I needed to talk to didn’t start until 8am. Thankfully my doctor’s office is efficient and timely and I was out the door by 8:30.

A book I am reading: Still working through Hillbilly Elegy. I can already tell I am really going to like it, hoping to carve out some solid reading time this weekend.

For my workouts I completed: 2 Nike Training Club workouts and 2 runs. Pretty solid week, although I’m still no where near ready for Dam to Dam. At this point I’m just hoping to finish with no injuries.

The best money I spent was: Bought my ticket to our Junior League Centennial Party! Tickets are still on sale today and tomorrow, if you’d like to get all fancy and help support an amazing longstanding organization in your community we’d love to have you! Oh also all the money I spent on the VBxTarget line 🙂

My weekend plans are: Getting in a workout Saturday morning before my facial appointment. Then all the cleaning and organizing around the house. Run Sunday and then head to Easter lunch.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Happy Friday!


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  1. I had a crazy week at work too. Got home on Thur night and left for my parents on Friday so my house feels like a disaster! Hopefully next week I can get some stuff done – on top of wedding planning to dos that keep growing by the day!

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