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I briefly mentioned in my return post that the hubs and I vacationed in Iceland last summer. It was quite possibly the most amazing trip of my life and I desperately want to live there. I definitely didn’t do our trip justice so I wanted to dedicate multiple posts to it, so I could share our entire experience.

So what prompted us to visit Iceland? It all started summer of 2014 when we were returning from England, it happened to be a crystal clear day and our pilot let us know when we were flying over Iceland so that we could look out the windows. It. Was. Amazing. The hubs and I looked at each other said “we are going there!” So we started researching and planning. We settled on using Hey Iceland (Icelandic Farm Holidays when we booked) and I would definitely recommend using them. They took care of our accommodations and rental car as well as providing us with maps and a book of the various things to see on the road. They offer several different self drive tours, which is what we did or you can create your own. All the cabins were well kept, clean, and had beautiful views. Here are days 1 and 2

First things first. We flew Delta, and unbeknownst to us, it was their inaugural flight from Minneapolis to Reykjavik so we were treated to champagne and cupcakes at the gate.


We ending up leaving about 10pm after a few delays and it was an uneventful flight. I had checked the weather before we left and made the hubs put his raincoat in his carry on as it was supposed to be raining when we arrived. Best decision ever. Inaugural landing at Keflavik had a hiccup or two one of them being no gate when we arrived and the next being when we finally got a gate there was no jetway. That’s right we had to disembark onto the tarmac and walk to the gate. Was it actually raining you ask? Oh yes. Not only was it raining it was about 30 mile an hour winds with gusts beyond that as well. I pulled my raincoat out and put it on as everyone stared in what appeared to be amazement at my preparedness and jealousy.

After finally getting into the airport, getting our luggage and our rental car we set off for our first cabin which was located near Selfoss. We stayed in self serving cabins and I highly recommend that. Each cabin had it’s own personal hot tub with hot geothermal water


This was so nice to come back to after a long day of driving and hiking around. We were really jet lagged that first day so we didn’t do too much other than just exploring our surroundings, getting groceries and unpacking. We had brought sleep masks as we knew we’d be experience 21 hours of daylight and it was an very wise decision. selfoss

This was the view from our cabin at 2:30am. No filter. This was all the darker it ever got our entire trip. I was up at 2:30 because I woke up, saw light as my sleep mask had moved and assumed it was morning. This happened quite a few times.

The next day we were ambitious and started our journey to Jökulsárlón, a very large glacial lake. Before we get there though a helpful tip that will prevent you from being stuck at an Icelandic gas station for an hour. In America we have yet to embrace the chip and pin credit card. We’re almost there, we’ve got the chip but we still sign. In Iceland all the gas stations are pay at pump and you need a chip and pin. You cannot pay inside. You cannot pay in cash. Needless to say we did not know the pin to our Capital One card and spent an hour and quite a bit of money on a long distance phone call trying to get the pin reset. While there I decided to get a bottle of water for the day.

not water

Haha just kidding this isn’t water. It was like Squirt or Fresca. Refreshing, but not water. We did finally get the pin situation sorted out, and I did get an actual bottle of water and then we were ready for adventure! Which coincidentally started right behind the gas station we’d been at for an hour.

Vik -1Vik-2

Aren’t these black sand beaches at Vik incredible? Seriously straight out of Game of Thrones or something. I could have sat there all day reading, writing and drinking Fresca water. However we still had 2.5 hours to go to our destination and we were an hour behind already so we had to get moving.

lava field

I had to stop and get a picture of this. It is a lava field. Like ancient lava flow that is now covered in super soft moss. It is a trip to drive past, it looks like it goes on forever and you feel like you’re on another planet.

Finally we reach our destination.

Glacial lake -1

blue iceice

How amazing is that ice? The lake was gorgeous and so blue! The mountains in the background just made it even more amazing. You can take a boat tour around the lake but we opted not to.

On the way back we tried to do a hike, but turns out we were still jet lagged and exhausted so we didn’t get very far.

hike attempt

So we stopped at one last place before heading back to our cabin and our glorious little hot tub. Skógafoss waterfall.


Iceland has a lot of waterfalls.

Stay tuned for days 3 and 4!

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