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Alright this is something that I’ve struggled with and I feel at the age of 32 I should have figured something out, but I haven’t. Ladies, how do you find the motivation to run or workout the first day or two of your period? Seriously I have ZERO energy and between the cramps and other discomforts I just can’t seem to get myself out the door. (Alright off the couch) I know that exercise is good; it helps with the cramping  and all around lifts your mood, but that just doesn’t seem like enough of a reward to put down the Thin Mints, change out of my pajamas and get my sweat on.

It seems there are conflicting thoughts on the internet. Some say to take it easy while others see no reason to slow down. It’s different when you’re training for a race though, you can’t really decide to take a few days off each month because you’re just not feeling it. So whats a girl to do? Is it just a mattering of sucking it up and doing it? Or are there any tips or tricks of the trade that can make workouts more bearable? I think this is something that I will do more research on and report back. I can’t be the only one out there that goes through this month to month.

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Although as uncomfortable as working out on your period may be, let’s just all take a moment to be thankful for the advancements in tampon and pad technology. Belts? Pins? WTF is that?

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  1. Lol. Yes thank goodness for the modern advancements! I am on bc right now so I don’t have any symptoms but this is something I will struggle with when I go off bc after we get married. When I am not feeling like working out/running I will tell myself to go for a 10 minute run and then I will keep going if I feel ok or turn back if I’m not feeling it. Usually when I am out doing something I just keep going versus turning back. So maybe try that? The struggle is real, though, as I remember how painful period cramps were (sooo not looking forward to having them again).

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