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Back with another TGIF post! I am so ready for this weekend, even though this work week wasn’t particularly stressful. Hoping to tackle some more spring cleaning projects.

The high of my week was: Seeing Richard Turley at the Walker Art Center. The hubs gets Bloomberg Businessweek and normally that magazine wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I love the layout and their designs always draw me in. This is thanks to Richard Turley who helped reinvent the magazine so it was interesting to hear him speak and how his design process works.

The low of my week was: Nearly having to use a ditch as an emergency bathroom on my run Wednesday. Luckily I made it home. Will not be eating cottage cheese for a long time though.

A book I am reading: Still reading all of the books. I admittedly did not do much reading this week.

For my workouts I completed: Went for a run Monday, Tuesday I did a Kayla Itsines‘ BBG workout, Wednesday I went for a disastrous run (see above) and Thursday I did another BBG workout. Planning on running Saturday but I am a little paranoid after Wednesday.

The best money I spent was: I didn’t…really spend any money this week. It’s a miracle!

My weekend plans are: Not having any emergency bathroom issues on my run and more spring cleaning! The office is slowly coming together but i really need to clean out the closet. It’s been a dumping ground for all my accessories and my wedding dress. I really should do something with it.

Don’t really have an exciting weekend planned but I hope it will be productive.

Happy Friday!

1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. Ugh, bathroom emergencies while running are AWFUL. I’ve had a couple of those but they happened on group runs with my run club so I wasn’t exactly in the position to run to the side and take care of business. There was a run 2 summers ago where I was seriously afraid I might crap my pants (TMI, sorry). Luckily I didn’t but that experience was pretty horrifying/uncomfortable.

    You got in a solid week of workouts!! Nice work!!

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