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I used to do this on Mondays and thought I’d bring it back because I am definitely lacking in the motivation department. I have 10 weeks before the Dam to Dam and lets just say I have my work cut out for me. I have definitely been hiding behind my sinus/allergy issues as an excuse to not get my workouts in but that has to stop. While yes my allergies were sucky I still could have done something, a nice walk, some yoga or pilates, but nope. I did nothing except sit around watch tv and eat all. the . foods. So starting today, no more.

To get myself in half marathon shape I am alternating Cindy Crawford’s Aerobicise and Buns of Steel.

Haha just kidding. No offense Cher.

But I will be adding Kayla Itsines’s workouts to the mix. I really enjoy her workouts as they are quick (about 30 minutes) and you can easily do them at home. Don’t let the shortness fool you they are tough.

So, keep me honest people. If you don’t see an instagram post Monday-Saturday of me getting in a workout feel free to harass me.

1 thought on “#motivationmonday”

  1. I haven’t heard of those workouts before! I will have to check them out sometime. I love 30 minute workouts! Those are so much easier to fit in! I can’t pay for anymore workouts right now, though, as I’m working with a personal trainer and I’m doing a 3 month unlimited barre membership. But maybe after the wedding when I’m not bleeding money I will check them out!!

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