Bringing back the TGIF posts! This week was fairly uneventful, it’s spring break for a lot of people at work which tends to make for a quite couple weeks in March. I’m not complaining though as I get to work from home today.

The high of my week was: Booking the Napa Wine Train for my mum and I when we’re in California in May! For Christmas we gifted her a trip to Napa/Sonoma as she is a wine lover. I’ve never been to California so I’m looking forward to it.

The low of my week was: My allergies have been killlling me. I don’t normally suffer this horribly from allergies, I’m blaming global warming.

A book I am reading: Too many books! Trying to plod through Blood’s A Rover. The final book in the Underworld USA Trilogy by James Ellroy. It isn’t bad it’s just not as gripping ( to me) as the previous two books. Also trying to finish up Porno by Irvine Welsh, it is the follow up to Trainspotting and the movie comes out March 31st so I need to get reading. Finally a coworker has lent me his copy of Hillbilly Elegy which I am excited to read as I’ve heard good things about it.

For my workouts I completed:  I went for a run Monday…that’s all I got. I had a 4 hour meeting Tuesday night and last night I could barely breathe from my allergies. Hoping this goes away soon as I signed up for the Dam to Dam and I am no where near in shape enough for it.

The best money I spent was: Probably on the Napa Wine Train. I also bought tickets to see Tuxedo at Fine Line in June. Excited for that as well.

My weekend plans are: Hopefully getting in some workouts and not dying. We’re also going to Smoke Signals at Insight Brewing on Saturday. They have special smoked beers and tap a different cask every hour or two. If you like beer I recommend checking it out, we went last year and it was a lot of fun.


Have a great weekend! Also if you have any allergy relief tips send them my way.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear that your allergies are so bad! That sounds awful! Hope they get better soon so you can fit in more runs. I know how nerve wracking it to know a race is coming and not be able to train for it like you’d like to!

    That wine train sounds awesome! I have never been to Napa but would love to go someday. The women in my family do a girls trip every other October so I think we’ll go there eventually!!

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