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It’s Friday and I’m headed to Iowa! Going to be a good weekend.

The high of my week was: Surviving the week. There was a lot going on at work that had me stressed so I was beyond relieved to walk out the door Thursday and be done with it.

The low of my week was: Nothing terrible. Just a stressful week at work.

A book I am reading: The Could Six Thousand by James Ellroy. Still on an Ellroy kick. Can’t get enough of his books.

For my workouts I completed:  On Monday and Tuesday I completed Nike Training Club workouts, Thursday I went for a run and Saturday I will go for a run in the morning with my friend before we head out dress shopping.

The best money I spent was: Wasn’t exactly this week but last Friday we bought tickets to see Ben Folds with the Minnesota Orchestra. I’m so excited. Unfortunately there were very few seats left so we won’t even be sitting together, but we didn’t want to miss it!

My weekend plans are: Wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping! Really the only fun part of wedding planning. It’s all down hill from there. Haha.


Not a very exciting week. Work has been crazy and we’ve had a lot going on on the weekends. Next weekend we are hosting our friends from Illinois for the Loppet. We’re in the Kubb tournament! It’s going to be a bit chilly but if you’ve never been the Loppet I highly recommend going, it’s always a good time.

Keep it real,


1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. I think I told you this already in another comment but I am going to Ben Folds, too! We should be facebook friends because last Saturday I posted looking for people to go with me and none of my facebook friends were interested! But luckily a friend I emailed was up to it so we are going together. I can’t wait as he is sooooo amazing in concert!

    Enjoy your weekend in Iowa! We are going to be in Mexico next weekend (which I’m super excited for) but that means we will miss the Loppett which I am bummed about. I have yet to get out on my XC skis but hopefully we’ll get some more snow so I can go in February.

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