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Okay so confession time: After my stress fracture I basically fell off  the fitness wagon. Which is so shameful to admit when prior to that unfortunate incident I was running 16+ miles (somewhat) easy peasy. Marathon training is grueling and there are a lot of things, for me at least, that I have to cut back on significantly during that time. (hello whiskey my old friend…) So when I was couch ridden for weeks I fell into some bad habits. Mostly that of coming home, making a cocktail and eating. The weather got nice and I could go enjoy food trucks, beers and patios because I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn for a run anymore. Then winter came and I became a hermit and got a bunch of fancy new barware and learned to make some tasty drinks. Before I knew it I was out of shape and feeling like crap, and I looked in the mirror and thought my god, I’m well on my way to becoming someone who let themselves go after they got married. I’ve always been active, whether it was sports in school, running with friends or just hitting the gym after a stressful day, I’ve never really been a couch potato. However I have learned that the struggle really is real for active people who are married to a not active spouse. 

The hubs didn’t grow up playing sports or anything like that and while he likes biking, it’s more recreational than competitive. So while I would love to go to the gym after work for say 2 hours, I feel guilty doing it because he’s at home and I feel like I’m being selfish with time that we could spend together. So then I don’t work out as often as I’d like to so I don’t feel guilty or selfish, but guys I am about to get selfish. I don’t like how I feel and I don’t like how I look. I’ve put on 10lbs since we got married and while that may not seem like much, it’s enough to make me uncomfortable. Also, my very good friend got engaged over the holidays and I am her one and only bridesmaid. I want to be able to look at her wedding pictures and be happy, not cringing at the sight of myself. Vain? Perhaps, but there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin. Or your clothes not fitting. 

So, we are back on the fitness wagon. I have been going to yoga, barre, pilates and using my Nike Training Club app like crazy. I’ve also gotten my diet back under control. It’s so hard after the holidays, but here we are. It’s January, it’s a new year and we’re going back to the way things were. Where I was active and fit into all my clothes and felt good about myself. Don’t worry though there will still be whiskey. 

Keep it real,


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  1. I’ve had times where I’ve fallen off the wagon and it’s always hard initially to get back on track but once you have established a habit, it becomes so much easier. So here’s to powering through the first month of establishing the habit again!

    Phil is an active person but we prefer to go to the gym at different times. I would rather workout before work or right after work; he likes to go at like 8 pm at night when it’s quiet at the gym. And we don’t live together so most of the time we are choosing between hanging out or working out – or I have to workout before work on the nights I see him. It will be soooo much easier when we live together.

    I have put on some weight since the late summer/post-marathon and am trying to lose those extra pounds as I don’t like how I look or feel right now. Annnd I’m going to be in a bathing suit non-stop when we go to Mexico next month. So this month I really focused on healthy eating but then I wasn’t able to workout as much due to my cold and RA issues so the month hasn’t been as good on the weight loss front as I’d like. But I’ll give it another shot in February and hopefully I’ll be 5 pounds lighter soon..,

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