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Starting Fresh

I’ve wanted to come back here for a while, but I haven’t really known how. What would I write about? I’m still figuring it out so this post will probably be a bit scattered. So first I’m going to do a plug for some music that has been on repeat in my house for quite some time now.

I cannot get enough of Seth MacFarlane’s new album No One Ever Tells You. Fun fact: I am a really big fan of the Great American Songbook. I was so obsessed with Frank Sinatra in high school that, while on prom committee, I basically demanded that our theme song be The Way You Look Tonight. So naturally, I am a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane’s music. The full orchestra really does it for me. Why does no one utilize orchestras these days? Anyway, I’m a huge Family Guy fan, and my Saturday night included having one too many old fashioneds while watching Ted, so I admit I might be a bit biased. However even if you are not a fan of his shows/movies still give it a listen. That voice! So velvety smooth, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s quite good looking. Especially in a tuxedo. I digress.

Alright, so maybe this is what I’ll write about; stuff I like. Or don’t like. I read a lot of other blogs and while maybe their taste in books/music/movies etc. don’t match mine, I have read some books and watched some movies I wouldn’t have had I not given their recommendations a try. So here you go, a music recommendation from me to you. Maybe I’ll make this a Monday thing.

One last thing. Has anyone else noticed that everyone has decided to sling a pyramid scheme on Facebook in 2016 or is it just my Facebook friends? I swear 1/1/16 I had about 10 more people wanting me to buy their wraps, or pills or nail stickers etc. I almost took drastic measures and deleted Facebook, but then I remembered there was the unfollow feature. It’s my new best friend.

Keep it real,


2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh”

  1. The pyramid scheme is alive and well. I have so many friends and acquaintances selling crap I don’t want to buy. I have started to hide their status updates on facebook because it just drives me crazy and it seems so fake.

    I will have to check out the song you shared when I am at home. I love live orchestra performances so much! I’m going to see Ben Folds in March when he performs with the MN orchestra and I am sooooo excited!!!

    1. We’re going to Ben Folds too! Unfortunately we were late in getting tickets so we’re not even sitting next to each other, but we didn’t want to miss it! Is Phil going with you? If you want to get dinner before let me know!

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