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Long time no blog. We’re going to get back on track here

The high of my week was: Our Junior League holiday party Tuesday evening. It was at the beautiful home of one our sustainers with a pianist, lots of food, cocktails and fun. I look forward to this party ever year 🙂

The low of my week was: Recovering from illness. My voice is still all scratchy, and I must have slept funny or something because my shoulder/neck is all wonky. But nothing a few glasses of scotch can’t fix.

A book I am reading: American Tabloid by James Ellroy. I’m a big fan of his writing and am loving it so far.

For my workouts I completed: ….*crickets* Hey I’ve been sick I think I get a pass.

The best money I spent was: What I lacked in workouts I made up for in shopping. But the best money spent was buying gifts for our adopted family at work. Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing there are children out there who may not get gifts on Christmas morning. I do anything and everything I can to help fix that.

My weekend plans are: Getting a Christmas tree!!!! We were supposed to get one last weekend, but the hubs and I were both sick so it didn’t happen. Also Tattersall Distillery is have a Christmas Market Saturday and I’m really excited to get a holiday cocktail and look around. I’m signed up for a hot yoga class Sunday morning and I am looking forward to it, long overdue.

What are your weekend plans? Anything festive?



1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. That is great that you guys adopted a family at work. My parents said that next year instead of getting them a gift, they want us to adopt a family or two instead. Which is a great idea.

    I was in Chicago for work last week so I stayed on Friday night and went out to my brother’s to see my niece and nephew. They had a special brunch yesterday and santa came so it was really fun! I flew back last night and now am spending the rest of the weekend soaking up time with Phil and getting stuff done around the house!

    I hope you are back to 100% soon!

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