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That time I couldn’t run the marathon

I feel like I need to come clean; I was quite sad Sunday morning when at about 7:30 I realized I should have been making my way to my corral. Then I was sad again in the afternoon when I realized I should have been crossing the finish line. I didn’t even pick up my race packet because I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I didn’t want something tangible to remind me of my failure to even start the race. Instead of the marathon I went to the Renaissance Festival with my mom and the hubs and we had a good day, but I still couldn’t help thinking of all that I was missing out on. Despite all the mental and physical anguish a marathon can cause, I still was sad I wasn’t experiencing it again.

Even though I try to keep a good attitude about my stress fracture, on Sunday I just couldn’t do it. I hated that I had done everything right and it still happened. I hated that my training was going so much better than last time and then it happened. I hated that everything was going so well until one day it just wasn’t. Hate, hate, hated it and everything seemed so unfair.

But now it’s Wednesday and it’s time to let it go. I am planning on running the Get Lucky half marathon this coming spring and will just stay focused on running this fun race again. I don’t know that I’ll attempt another marathon again. I kind of hate saying that because I feel like it makes me less of a runner. Which I know is all sorts of dumb, but it just does.

Alright enough pity party over here. Huge congrats to Lisa on her amazing finish!

1 thought on “That time I couldn’t run the marathon”

  1. I pretty much hate it when people say “I know how you feel” but I can relate to how you feel. I wasn’t able to run the Chicago marathon in 2013 and it was heart breaking. Granted, I did not train for that marathon because I wasn’t able to run for the 5 months leading up to it thanks to my stress fracture and RA diagnosis… I think it would be even harder to have done the majority of the training and then not run the race, though. Anyways, I was a mess the weekend of the marathon. My other friends were running, though, and it was our annual meet up so I couldn’t miss it. I sobbed at the expo. I sobbed the morning of. I cheered on my friends at a couple of different spots but I couldn’t be anywhere near the finish line because it would have been just too painful to watch other accomplish what I never had a chance to achieve that day. So I get it and I thought of you this weekend and how hard it must be to hear all about the race and see others posting stuff about it.

    I hope that you are able to train for and run another marathon because it’s an awful feeling to have that decision made for you, as it was for the Twin Cities marathon. I’m sending you lots of hugs! I’ll be activating a barre class groupon soon so maybe we can make plans to meet up for a class sometime and could grab coffee or dinner afterwards or something?

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