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What a difference a change in the weather makes. I had a GREAT run Saturday. Other than messing up my route somehow so I only did 14.5 instead of 16. Whatever, the important thing is that I felt great the entire time. Some aches and pains but to be expected at this point in the game. Also it turns out that my calf/shin pain really is shin splints. After I got home and showered Saturday I was about ready to bust out some crutches. Shin splints are a cruel ailment in that the more you move the less the pain, however it’s incredibly painful to get moving. Such a cruel joke. Anyway, I’ve been icing, ibuprofen-ing and foam rolling like crazy. I’m planning on going to a barre class tomorrow evening instead of running to give myself an extra day to hopefully sort things out. 

My question to you all today is what do you eat before your long run? I usually eat two pieces of nut butter toast (right now we have sunflower seed butter) but I kid you not my stomach was growling at me at mile 13. Luckily I had brought a spare gel ( I only eat the Clif Bar kind, mocha is the best) but obviously I’d prefer if my stomach didn’t growl at me at all. Actually I guess this request is more “please give me oatmeal alternative breakfast options because I know oatmeal is probably the best, but I’m just not going to eat it.” Oatmeal and yoghurt are two foods that I actually don’t hate, I don’t hate the taste or anything, but I just really don’t want to eat it. So if you have any oatmeal free breakfast ideas let me know. This week is 18 miles so I definitely need to make sure I eat enough to see me through. 

How did your weekend long runs go?


1 thought on “#MarathonMonday”

  1. I used to eat toast with peanut butter and a banana but now I eat oatmeal, so I am not much help! Maybe try to eat gels more often during your run? I try to take in calories every 4-5 miles. I can’t do gels anymore, though, so I eat applesauce packets which have been working well for me but are SO BULKY and though to carry about. So I guess there is no optimal energy/calorie source for me. :/

    I am glad that your long run went better! Mine went ok but it was mentally tough because I was running in a crappy area, meaning along a highway that was winding/curvy with no shoulder. Luckily I did not see many cars so I felt safe but it’s not a great area for running. I was so glad Phil joined me for the last 5 miles and that we could run on a quiet back road. But it had lots of rolling hills, so I was SO READY TO BE DONE when we finished.

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