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Where has this week gone? I didn’t mean to be MIA but this week was pretty rough.

The high of my week was: My only high for this week was that my boss brought in donuts today for breakfast. I love a good donut.

The low of my week was: I had a TERRIBLE run Monday. Soooo much pain. My hip and my calf/shin. It’s not shin splints though, so I’m keeping my eye on it. I’m not sure what it could be my worst case scenario mind is yelling stress fracture!!!! But it’s definitely not like the pain I had from my previous stress fracture. The pain is very localized though which makes me a little uneasy.

A book I am reading:  Took a break from Game of Thrones and read (on my Kindle even!) The Ice Twins by S. K. Treyman. I love a good psychological thriller and this kept me guessing mostly until the end. As others who have reviewed it, I agree the ending was sort of meh. If I’m honest I was really hoping for something much darker. But I’d give it a solid 3.5 stars, it was a fun and quick read, and a good lesson on everything you should never do as a parent.

For my workouts I completed: Ready for this? I went on a run Monday and went to a yoga class Thursday. That’s it. I spent a lot of time RICE-ing and foam rolling. Feeling much better today, ready to conquer my Saturday 16 miler. I used to think that if I took a couple rest days even to heal, that I would lose everything I’d work toward. Now I know that is not the case, so while I definitely won’t be pushing it Saturday I know that I will finish.

The best money I spent was: So if you haven’t guessed by now, I really enjoy shopping. Probably more than the hubs would like 😉 On Sunday I got 4 new tops at H&M for only $49! I also got a Beauty Blender which has changed my life and I got a new cream blush to replace my old blush. If I’m honest though, I think I like my old blush better. However I think the Josie Maran one might start looking better once my tan fades. I wish I didn’t tan so easily/well because I have to have to different sets of makeup all the time.

My weekend plans are: 16 mile run Saturday, then going down to the hubs parent’s house. Sunday I don’t really have any plans which I’m looking forward to. Maybe a hot yoga class and some meal prepping.

I promise to be around more next week. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well Saturday and I don’t end up broken. If you’ve experienced non shin splint calf pain let me know what it was and how you cured it.



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  1. Oh no! That sucks that you’ve had pain! As someone who has had a stress fracture, I understand those feelings of paranoia… I hope that it is nothing and that your run goes well tomorrow! I’m doing my run up at my parents lake home tomorrow and I am kind of dreading it because I am not used to running alone and the area is horrible for running as the roads are narrow and winding and they don’t have much of a shoulder so I will probably have to do the same 5-mile loop 3 times… My training plan calls for 18 but I think 15 is going to have to be good enough. Phil will probably join me for the last 5 miles, though, so that will help.

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope you don’t feel any strange pains!

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