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Another week, another terrible Saturday run. This time it was not due to the route I chose, it was due to the absolutely terrible weather. I left my house at 5:30am and it was already 73 degrees and the humidity was at 90%. I was already sweating after a block and really, it was only going to get worse. The first four miles were tough because well…I was sore. Sore and just general hurting, the generic kind of aches that come with marathon training. The kind that you have to train to push through, which was why my run was pretty terrible; I just wasn’t mentally tough. That for me like…60% of running a marathon. Overcoming the boredom, the aches, the exhaustion that is really what is tough. I know my body will see me through the physical part, it’s in pretty good shape if I do say so myself. Apparently I need to do some better training for my mind.

After the first four miles I started to hit my stride, the endorphins kicked in and the aches were gone. The next 7 miles seemed to ease on by and then bam. The sun had risen, I was drenched in sweat and I was so incredibly thirsty. Normally on long runs I just take small sips of water when I feel like I need it and do alright. Saturday every time I went to take a drink I could not drink enough water. I know that I drank way to much but I couldn’t help it. I really wish I had brought my small handheld water bottle and filled it with Gatorade. So after 11 miles with only 3 to go I just crashed. Water wasn’t cutting it, I’d eaten my shot bloks, so I just tried to keep putting one foot in front of the other to just finish.

I really hope this weather is over with because I am over it. The only good thing that happened on my run is that I did finish at the Finnish Bistro and got a sprinkle donut and the very nice man at Dunn Brothers made me a chocolate milk.

Next week is 16 miles and I am praying to the weather gods that it is pleasant out. I cannot take another miserable hot and humid long run. Some people are not mentally tough enough to run in the winter; I am not mentally tough enough to run in the summer.

Summer sucks,


2 thoughts on “#marathonmonday”

  1. But you’ll love that you put in the work during the summer when those Fall races come. That’s what I tell myself. Just think, all those negatives guide you to becoming a better runner!

  2. The conditions on Saturday were SO AWFUL! I felt guilty for not doing the long run with my club as I don’t like to skip runs/get off plan but I knew I couldn’t do a long run on Saturday and race a tri on Sunday. But when I saw how awful the conditions were on Saturday I was kind of ok with the fact that I wasn’t running… I hope that the worst of the summer long runs are behind you. Running in those kind of conditions is SO TOUGH!!

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