Woo hoo it’s Friday! Except the heat and humidity is back. Woof. When will summer end???

The high of my week was: Nothing really stands out as super awesome for this week. I suppose I will take a meh week over a bad week anyday.

The low of my week was: Again no real low, just sort of a meh week.

A book I am reading: A Game of Thrones. Still. It’s really long!!

For my workouts I completed: Monday I took a rest day as the blisters from Saturdays run were still very sore. I did a morning run Tuesday and Wednesday I completed a Nike Training Club workout. Thursday I was supposed to do a treadmill run (it’s tooo hot and humid out!) after work at our onsite gym but……I forgot a shirt. Any other gym I might have braved a sports bra only run. Gym full of co-works? No thanks. #fail for Thursday. This morning I ran which is not ideal but thanks to Thursdays gym fail it is what it is.

The best money I spent was: Guys I bought pajamas. Like real adult pajamas. No more random shorts and old race t-shirts I have REAL PAJAMAS! Inspired by too many episodes of Gossip Girl. I’m always envious of their lingerie/ lounge wear.

My weekend plans are: Tonight we are going to meet our friends new baby born just last Monday! Saturday morning is a 14 mile run, ending at the Finnish Bistro so I can grab a chocolate milk and donut for the recovery walk home. I’m hoping this keeps me motivated throughout my run. Then Saturday afternoon I have lunch and shopping plans with a friend. Sunday I will be cheering on Lisa as she competes in her first triathlon! Then will spend the afternoon relaxing and meal prepping.

Hope everyone has a great Friday! Stay cool fellow Twin City residents!


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I have winter pajamas that I love but no summer ones. I should invest in a pair as well! I hope that your long run went well this morning. It is definitely hot and humid out there – yuck! Sounds like it might clear out tomorrow… I just hope we don’t get thunderstorms during the race. I guess they will still have it if it’s raining but if there is lightening they may cancel it. :/ Hopefully I will see you tomorrow but it’s raining, don’t feel like you have to come out because spectating in the rain is NOT FUN!

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