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Guys, my 12 mile run Saturday was brutal. Honestly I didn’t expect it to be that hard, it was only 12 miles which should have been relatively easy however the route I planned was….well soul crushing. The first half was great, went by quickly and I was feeling good. Then it all went downhill. Or uphill really. I didn’t realize when mapping it out that all of the large hills started at mile 6. Probably not the best idea and as much as I love running in my old area, I cannot have that be my long run route every Saturday. It would be a gamble of will this make me a stronger, faster runner? Or will it beat me down week after week until I just give up. My money is on the latter after today, although the cardio barre class I took Friday may account for some of the horribleness.

Normally the Friday 4pm barre class has at least 10 people in it. Because there are plenty of people it’s pretty easy to go at your own pace, so based on my many previous experiences I wasn’t expecting it to be a super intense workout. Boy was I wrong. I was the only one in class. THE ONLY ONE. So really it was more like a personal training session where I couldn’t go at my own pace and couldn’t take a break while the instructor was focusing on the other people because there were no other people. Just me. It was intense and my arms hurt still and my legs got way more of a workout than I had planned. Lesson learned there.

I wish my #marathonmonday post was more positive and upbeat but I’ve never felt more defeated by a run. Oh and I got like 3 blisters. If anyone has any blister prevention techniques please share. I’m desperate, I think I must be more prone to them than most people but I have tried so many different socks, and used bandaids, moleskin etc. and nothing seems to work. How were your workouts this weekend? Hopefully more fun filled than mine.

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2 thoughts on “#marathonmonday”

  1. Last spring I made the mistake of going to a barre class on a Friday and then doing a long run on Saturday. Never. Again. Now I know I need a full rest day before so my legs are fresh. So kudos to you for basically doing an hour personal training session and then a tough run the following day. That would be so tough.

    I have trouble with blisters, too, but it seems to help to put body glide on my feet before putting my socks on so maybe try that if you haven’t already?

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