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Finally, it’s Friday! Tomorrow I have my 12 mile run and it’s going to be a tough one. I have hill run workouts scheduled in my training but because of where I live, every run is a hill run. No seriously you can ask my friend. The route I have planned for tomorrow has some major inclines but it also goes through my old running area along the river and by the city so I’m excited to be back to some of my favorite views and trails. Anyway, the week in review:

The high of my week was: Having an awesome mid year review. I feel fortunate that the first job I took in Minneapolis I ended up loving and loving the people I work for and with. I’ve been with them 3.5 years now and couldn’t be happier.

The low of my week was: I guess hitting the mid training blues. It’s not too bad but I’m definitely having the occasional thought of “why am I doing this again?”

A book I am reading: Okay I’m going to throw this one in here and we’ll see how long it lasts. I really want to be better about reading all the books I have so I hope this keeps me accountable. Anyway I am (still) reading Game of Thrones. It’s a long one so I might be reading it for a while. Also no, I don’t watch the show.

For my workouts I completed: Monday I did a Nike Training Club workout, then ran Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I took a rest day because I had some shin splints in my left leg that foam rolling isn’t quite curing. Tonight I have a cardio barre class and Saturday will be a very hilly 12 mile run and Sunday is hot yoga. I’m really looking forward to the yoga. (Who am I?!?!)

The best money I spent was: buying my new Benefit They’re Real! mascara. A friend recommended it to me and it is seriously the best mascara ever.

My weekend plans are: Running, yoga and a Junior League committee meeting. Also eating a Chipolte burrito and possibly a bag of jalapeno chips. Don’t judge.


Keep it real,


1 thought on “TGIF”

  1. I hope your long run went ok today. It was kind of a brutal one for me as it was so humid. I was actually glad when it started to lightly rain. I’m definitely hitting the mid-marathon training cycle fatigue and my insomnia is not helping!

    I am impressed that you did a barre class the day before the long run! I try to have a rest day before my long runs so my legs feel a bit more fresh although I don’t know that it made a dang bit of difference today!

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