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What I’m Bringing To Europe

If you’re friends with me in real life or on Facebook you know that planning my wardrobe for Europe really stressed me out. Last year when we were in Ireland I felt like a bum as I only packed comfortable traveling clothes and looked like a lame American tourist. Everyone in Dublin was so well dressed (including the men, I loved it) and I felt so embarrassed for myself. I am determined to not let that happen this year. So after much deliberation (and shopping) I’m all set and this is what I packed. 


It’s England in the summer so of course I’m taking my Hunter rain boots. (Yes I have the kids size. They’re $65 cheaper!) I also packed my running shoes so I can get a run in, in the English country side and one through London. 


I’m also bringing my Jack Rogers, black sandals, sneakers and a pair of nude flats. And they all fight nicely in this bag

shoes in bag

Next up are 3 pairs of shorts (Gap and Target) , 2 pairs of pants (Gap and Lilly Pulitzer)  and 3 dresses (J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer and Cache)




Admittedly I am a little apprehensive about bringing so many shorts but it’s supposed to be mostly sunny and in the 70’s so fingers crossed I won’t be freezing the whole time. Now time for tops. I’m bringing 2 tank tops (Target) , 2 comfy tees (J. Crew), and 3 dressier shirts (Lilly Pulitzer) and 1 blazer (H&M) and 1 cardigan (Old Navy). 


tops 2


And all of this fits every so nicely into my Eagle Creek packing folders. 


Obviously I’m bringing pajamas and the basics and a work out outfit. Yes just one we have a washer and dryer in our flat in London. 

I think I’m all set. Really hope I’ve made better wardrobe decisions this year. 

Keep it real,



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