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Man Makers

I referenced these in this post and thought I’d follow up with what they actually are. They’re better than a burpee, better than regular old plank rows and better than push ups, squats and overhead presses…because it combines all of them. I can get through burpees easy peasy these days and a 5-6 minute planking series with no breaks? No sweat. These however….still make me want to vomit afterwards.


Jake introduced these to our circuit instructor who thought they were so awesome she’d incorporate them into a workout ASAP and all the poor souls in class died that day. Then they thought of an even better way to murder us: man maker progressions. As fun as it sounds, goes a little something like this:

Burpees- 45 seconds

rest 15 seconds

Burpees w/ push up- 45 seconds 

rest 15 seconds

Burpees w/ push up and row- 45 seconds

rest 15 seconds

Burpees w/ push up, row, pushup – 45 seconds

rest 15 seconds

Full man maker -45 seconds

rest 15 seconds or vomit 15 seconds, up to you.

I usually hold on to my weights for the entire series but you don’t have to. Obviously burpees holding an extra 10-20lbs is a lot harder, so only grabbing them when you get to the row part is fine too. 

So there you go. Man Makers, do them and do them often. Your whole body will thank you.

1 thought on “Man Makers”

  1. Oh gosh, I feel like my chances of puking doing a lot of those would be high. They would be tough for me because I can’t do real push ups so I’d have to modify and go down to my knees. They look freaking hard!

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