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Diet Struggle

No not what you’re probably thinking. I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 6 years. My two main reasons are, I don’t particularly like eating things that had to be killed and I’m really not cool with factory farming. However, living in MSP I have plenty of access to local organic grass fed meat and I had some last week; I bought some brats at our co-op and they were delicious. It was the first brat I’d had in well, 6 years. It wasn’t the first time I’ve had meat in 6 years because I did have some on vacation in Ireland last year…on accident at first (black pudding. Just eat it don’t look up what it really is) and then on purpose because it’s delicious. I figured when in Rome (or Ireland) and will adopt the same attitude in England and Germany in July. 

The struggle I’m having is, do I start to incorporate meat back into my diet after all these years? I now have a way around the factory farming issue but not around the things had to die for me to eat it issue. Which I know many will argue is the circle of life and all that and I get it, but still doesn’t mean I’m cool with it. I guess my main reason to just keep it out of my diet is that I truly don’t miss it. I don’t miss chicken at all, I never liked ham or bacon to begin with, and almost every restaurant now carries some variation of a veggie or black bean burger which I think are just as tasty, so really…why bother? Would it make dinner at home easier? Maybe….but we’ve been doing the vegetarian lives with a meat eater for the last few years now and it’s not like it’s causing issues. Would it improve my diet nutrition wise? Again maybe…..but probably not enough to make a noticeable difference. Ugh where’s Jake when I need him in the middle of my diet/nutrition crisis?

Anyway, I suppose I’m just looking for advice. Any other vegetarians out there go through the same struggle at some point? What did you decide to do? Or does anyone have a strong case that adding meat back into my diet will seriously improve my health? 

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  1. My friend Amber was a vegetarian for a number of years and has added meat back into her diet. She makes sure it’s high quality and not from a factory farm type of place. I think you have to do what is best for you, and if that means eating meat occasionally then so be it… I think the important thing is to stay true to what matters, which for you is the quality of the meat when you do eat it. I am not a vegetarian and never will be, but I do not eat much meat because it’s expensive and I don’t trust the process by which it became a butchered piece of meat in a grocery store after watching some films on the meat industry. So ideally, I try to buy meat from a local farmer in my home town as I know it’s humanely treated.

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