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I’m Still Here

I haven’t written in a while. May was a sad fitness month for me and I honestly didn’t really work out…at all. Maybe once a week if I was lucky. My two favorite instructors left at the end of April/ beginning of May and then my co-worker/workout buddy left shortly after that, and then I was all alone. No one to work out with over lunch and brand new instructors teaching my favorite classes. I couldn’t deal. So I stopped going. Lame, I know but it was like I was in mourning. Couldn’t go to my classes because it was just too sad. 

Finally I reached a point of feeling like complete garbage 24/7 and decided enough is enough. I joined a new gym by our house and have been back at it for the last 4 weeks. It’s been tough, I was pretty out of shape, all that awesome strength training out the window. Still, I haven’t quit and am slowly increasing my weights and cardio strength and will get back to where I was eventually. I still haven’t gone to my lunch time classes. I wonder if I ever will. 

Anyway moral of this post is, don’t let yourself get out of shape because it is a bitch getting back in shape. Which you probably already know, in fact even I know that. Yet I still let it happen. #facepalm

I’ll be around here more, now that I’m not ashamed of the lazy blerch I let myself become. Since you know now I can recap my workouts…because I’m actually working out. 

Keep it real,


P.S. If you’re wondering why my co-worker abandoned me you can keep up with his adventure here. Secretly though, I’m jealous.

1 thought on “I’m Still Here”

  1. I was thinking about you on my run tonight – we should go for a run together sometime! It’s tough to lose a workout buddy and I can totally understand why having instructors leave made you not want to go to class. But way to get back up on the horse. Getting back into shape after an absence is hard and humbling…

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