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I’m in a rut. Or a funk. Or something. I don’t belong to a gym right now, I have no routine, my training has all but been destroyed and I just feel all around bleh. I want to sit down and figure out a weekly schedule and every time I try it’s like I don’t know where to start. Except that I do know where to start. By just doing it. Does that make sense? Obviously I know what to do I just don’t feel motivated or inspired right now. Maybe I need a new routine? I do love spin and I’d like to keep going to classes but I can’t go everyday because honestly I don’t think those padded shorts really do anything. And on the weekends? I wake up with every intention of getting in a work out first thing in the morning, but then I start thinking about what I’m going to do and that’s when the motivation starts to fall. Like I guess I could go for a run. Or maybe try a new gym, but what would I do at the gym? Run on a treadmill? Ugh I don’t know I need to stop having a pity party for myself and just go.


Thanks Pinterest. You always know how to inspire me. I know for a fact I’ll be working out tomorrow as it is my favorite trainers’ last day at my gym at work and I am so sad that we’ll be getting a whole new person to lead our circuit class. What if they do it wrong? What if the class sucks then? It is my favorite favorite strength training class. So many fitness upheavals; no gym, favorite trainers leaving. No wonder I’m in such a rut. It’s like I have to start from scratch again. However moping about it isn’t going to change things so it’s time I find a gym and if the new instructor doesn’t get it quite right, I’ll just send a helpful email….or two.

Keep it real,


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