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5 Things Friday

It’s already time for another 5 things Friday??? This week has gone by strangely fast!

1. Workouts this week have been pretty awesome. I got in workouts Monday -Thursday this week and have my long run tomorrow. My two lunch time classes were great this week as I got to work along side my co-worker which turned into a mini competition. Really though I’m grateful that I have someone who constantly pushes me especially when it comes to strength training. It’s something that I really struggle with on my own, so having him around to provide some encouragement in the form of friendly naturally ingrained competitiveness is awesome.

2. I’m sad to report that our first offer on the Lauderdale house was rejected. But I’m happy to report that our second offer was accepted!!! Pending appraisal and inspection we will be homeowners mid March-ish!!

3. I know it’s the Olympics and all and I probably should be more excited about it but….It’s also Fashion Week. Priorities.

4. Today is my 5 month wedding anniversary. I just realized that by looking at the date on my monitor. I think that is the ball of twine anniversary or something like that. Either way, with that and our offer on the house being accepted we will be celebrating tonight!

5. Well it is the start of Fashion Week after all…


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