5 Things Friday

Jumping on board with the 5 Things Friday trend. I enjoy them from other people so why not do it myself?!


1. Big purchases teach you life lessons in relationships. We went through the car buying ordeal already and while it was frustrating it wasn’t nearly as bad as house purchasing. I am definitely more of a this is what I want, it’s in my budget I will buy it done, because I feel that my sanity is more valuable than endlessly obsessing over getting the best deal. The hubs does not quite agree. This actually works to our advantage because while I know my approach is not the best financially, the hubs approach of endlessly searching often results in missed opportunities because he can’t pull the trigger. Together we can get a good deal in a reasonable amount of time. 

2. Strength training is where it is at. Don’t get me wrong I still love running, but I feel sooooooooo amazing after my circuit classes. Like I honestly feel skinnier after them. That is probably not true, but I do believe that cardio strength training is the best for weightloss. Plus I feel like a rockstar when I move up to heavier weights. My coworker gives me high fives when I add more weight. It’s the little things.

3. This article…..I cannot even begin to express how angry it makes me. 

4. Despite my Hunter boot purchase, my Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer sale purchase and my H&M winter clearance purchase I’ve been doing really awesome at not shopping so much this month. Which I’m sure my definition of not shopping so much is different than yours. 






1 thought on “5 Things Friday”

  1. I am definitely more like you than like your husband when it comes to buying things because I get SO BORED and tired of shopping around for things. I hope you guys find a house you both like soon that meets both of your standards!!

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