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Back On The Wagon

Guys, it’s been a while. and I have to admit, in that while I didn’t really workout. I won’t give you a list of excuses because I have none. I made choices and of all of those choices working out was not one of them. I feel a little guilty but not horribly. I traveled, saw friends, family and had clean laundry! 

Last night was supposed to be day 1 of back on the wagon but Minneapolis got it’s first winter weather and it was nasty. I don’t mind running in snow, but this was a weird sleet/slush mix that was suuupppeerrr slick and I enjoy not having a broken neck. So today I went to class after almost 1.5 weeks off fearing the worst, but it actually wasn’t that bad. My shoulders are going to be feeling it tomorrow, but it definitely felt awesome to be getting back at it. On top of not working out it was also Thanksgiving and well…you know. Food, food and more food. All delicious though 🙂

I refuse to just say screw it though for the rest of the holidays. I plan on heading into 2014 in pretty darn good shape. It’s easy to say “oh I’ll just start January 1” but why not start now? I have some pretty big fitness goals in mind for 2014 and I can’t start the year in the negative so to speak. 

So here’s to keeping it up for the last few weeks of the year! What are your fitness goals for 2014?

1 thought on “Back On The Wagon”

  1. i admit, i’m not a runner, but i DO plan on doing a 5k this year, and who knows where that will lead? 🙂
    ps: thank you for your comment! xoxox

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