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Not Dead

Guys, I’ve run 3 times since my scary death run and I’m doing a-okay. Saturday was my first run since the scary death run and I admit, I was pretty terrified for the first couple of miles but I took it easy and listened to my body and finished feeling great. Whew. Today was a class day, and GOOD LORD. I honestly thought I might throw up. We did a 4.5 minute plank series, side planks and regular planks, and I have never seen so much sweat drip onto a mat before. We also had a nice Rocky Balboa/Ivan Drago debate while running inclines so that helped pass the time. Here is what we did in class today:

Started on treadmills- Sprints 20 seconds on 40 off (3 times) then 40 seconds on 20 seconds off (3 times)

20 pushups followed by 20 forward lunges (10 each leg)

20 pushups followed by 20 backwards lunges (10 each leg)

20 pushups followed by 20 side lunges (10 each leg)

back on treadmills- 10 minutes starting at 1% incline then up to 5%, down to 2%, back up to 7% then back down to 3% (two minute intervals)

Planks! 30 second side plank, rotate to regular plank (30 sec), rotate to other side (30 sec) back to center (60 sec) rotate to first side (60 sec) and switch to opposite side for a final 60 seconds. 

20 squats followed by 12 v ups (5X)

Back on treadmill! 3 minutes total, 1 minute intervals starting at 15% then 14% then 13%

We finished it up with some more core work because obviously the planking wasn’t enough.

Writing it all out I’m still not sure how I made it through class. I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time getting our of bed tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see how Wednesday’s run goes with incredibly sore hip flexors. Ugh.

In other news I got a cape!!! I have been wanting a cape for like the last 2 years and I finally got one! I went to the mall Sunday for a birthday present for my mom, and discover Madewell opened at the Mall of American and well…it went downhill from there. I told The Hubs that I consider that shopping trip my birthday present and he always gets me the best gifts 🙂 

Here is an extremely terrible pic of my new cape


How has everyone’s workouts been going? Does anyone else have a cape? Please feel free to tell me how awesome mine is.

Keep it real,


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