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The Scariest Run Of My Life

You guys. Wednesday I almost died. Or at least it felt like it. 

In Tuesdays class my sprints were so awesome and I am so much faster than I used to be that on Wednesday I decided to really push my pace. To the tune of almost 2 minutes faster than I normally do. I am by no means a fast runner and usually average between a 9:45-10 minute/mile pace. So when I was flying at 8 min/mile I was reallly pushing it. 

I felt totally fine for the first 2.75 miles, like better than fine, more like just call me Usain Bolt I am so fast! fine. Then I was stopped in my tracks from my chest tightening, most crazy insane heart palpitations ever. I was standing on the trail bent over clutching my heart it was that bad. After a few minutes it all subsided, and I went back to feeling fine, however I walked the rest of the way home nearly in tears wondering if I should call the doctor for an EKG and stress test and fearing open heart surgery was in my near future. Luckily after talking with a few of my athletically inclined friends and doing some research, it turns out heart palpitations while incredibly scary happen more often than you think in runners. Here’s where I think I went wrong:

1. I was soooooooooo hungry when I got home, like stomach growling at me hungry. Usually I eat an apple before I head out for an evening run but that night I was a little behind and decided to forgo my usual sugar boost.

2. I was running WAY TOO FAST. 8min/miles might be the norm or even seem slow for some but for me, it is flying. Clearly despite my legs being okay with it, the rest of my body was not.

So, while open heart surgery does not seem to be in my near future I don’t consider myself out of the woods just yet. This may have been brought upon by my above poor choices, but the possibility is still there that it could be something more. I admit I skipped class on Thursday because I was terrified of it happening again. Tonight though I am going to go out for a run, at my normal comfortable pace and just keep an eye on how I’m feeling.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them? If so any suggestions on how to prevent them in the future?


Keep it real,


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