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So lately I’ve been reading a bunch of threads where people tear each other to pieces based on their priorities. Usually it’s women and it’s related to fitness/diet/weigh loss/parenting. Seriously ladies, it is getting old. This lady didn’t lose her baby weight and the other lady lost it all and then some. Clearly she neglects her child because she’s so self centered and only cares about looking good. Clearly she’s just lazy and doesn’t care about setting good examples for her child. I admit I’m human and sometimes I’m not above silently passing judgement, but it is something I’m working on. Truth is we don’t know either moms stories. I know that for me, fitness will continue to be a priority even after having a baby and my husband knows this. So if that means he has to spend a little quality time with baby while I go out for a run or hit the gym is that so terrible? On the flip side if a mom just wants to spend as much time as possible with baby and family that she doesn’t hit the gym is that so terrible? The answer to both is no. If both families priorities work for them and they have a happy child and relationship then hooray! They’re doing it right. So ladies, lets stop with the judging and parenting bashing. Geez.

With that PSA out of the way lets get down to my priorities and how I’m doing. Well, I’ve got a confession: I chickened out on my run Monday night. I know, I know but it was the first reallllyyy cold day, only about 19 degrees when I was ready to run and I just couldn’t force myself out there. That first super cold day is always intimidating but it’s like pulling off a band-aid; you just have to do it. Next Monday is looking to be another cold one and I promise I will be out there. It’s on the internet now so I have to.

As far as diet goes I’ve been doing….better. I wouldn’t say great. I’m trying to avoid admitting that I need to do a reset but if this weekend ends up in another fail, that is where I’ll be. In all honesty it probably would be for the best to just stick to the absolute basics for a week and get myself back on track. Ughhhh. I’ll update on what I decide to do Monday.

In other news I still desperately want these so bad I might cave this year.


(Nike Element Shield Running Tights)

Not that I don’t love the tights I currently have but on those days it’s flurry-ing or misting a bit, water resistant would be AWESOME. I have a water resistant top you’d think I also would have gotten pants to go with it. 

How has your workouts been going? Anyone else go out running in the bitter cold? If you have feel free to tell my what a sissy I am and to just suck it up and get out there.

Keep it real,


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