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This Is Important

You GUYS! I am rocking my workouts. Tuesday I went to class, Wednesday I went for an awesome run and Thursday I also went to class. At the same time you GUYS! I am failing my diet. Wednesday night after said awesome run, I ate half of a homemade pizza the Hubs and I made. Even though after a quarter of it I was full I STILL KEPT EATING. Afterwards I was miserable. Obvs. To add insult to injury the scale hurled my food crimes in my face the next morning. Now I’m not saying I’m fat, I know I’m not. However I’ve got some fat that I’d like to lose and clearly eating half of a pizza, even if it is homemade (which means healthy right?) is not going to get me there. My point in all this is if you want to lose weight, it is alllllll about your diet. I don’t care if you work out 7 days a week, you want to lose that spare tire? Cut the crap and overhaul your diet. I know this now it’s time to, you know, actually do it. 

I’m going to try to be good this weekend, but we’re heading to our Alma Mater for some homecoming tailgating and that = beer and snacks. My two favorite things. Also I have a fish and chips and Guinness lunch date while in town. Sunday will be penance for the deliciousness of Saturdays tailgate. I know I can’t really negate what I eat or drink, but at least I’ll feel better knowing I got in a good workout at least once this weekend. 

So how do you all stay strong over the weekends? Or in the evenings when I want to consume my entire refrigerator after a work out. Help a girl out!

Keep it real,


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