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Giving it the beans

So I was working on a post. Still working on it actually. But it’s pretty personal and I don’t think we’re there yet blog friends. Actually I might never be ready to share it, but that’s okay. I enjoyed writing it even if no one ever reads it. 


Anyway! So I am going to start posting regularly now that I’ve gotten whatever that was out of my system. First on the list, lets talk about fitness and how I’m failing at it. I need to start for real training for my next marathon at the end of January and I feel no where near ready for that. I have an awesome co-worker who forces motivates me to attend circuit classes with him over lunch twice a week but let’s be serious: twice a week ain’t going to cut it. I really need to get back to 5 days a week, but man am I struggling. Things like homemade butternut squash mac and cheese and 3 courses at our local Italian restaurant are keeping me down. Which is no ones fault but my own, but damn it’s good. So here is my proposed schedule and I’m going to give it my all to stick to it until January comes and then the real fun starts:

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Circuit class

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Circuit class

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long-ish run

Sunday: Rest

Doesn’t seem that unreasonable right? That used to be my life and oh how the mighty have fallen. I hate that it takes so much longer to get in shape than it does to fall out of shape. Enough complaining, that isn’t going to make it easier. My goal is to be able to run a solid 12 miles by end of January. I can run 3.5 right now easy peasy so really it’s not like I’m reaching for the stars here. I just need to stop coming home and sitting on the couch the entire rest of the evening. Also I need to stop stuffing my face and drinking beers all the time. Which will be hard because it’s winter and I love a good beer. 

I don’t know that I’ll be posting daily, but my plan is to recap how my workouts are going at the beginning of each post. Also going to recap nutrition. This will probably be harder than sticking to the fitness plan because see aforementioned mac and cheese and beers. I’m not about complete deprivation though so there will still be beers, and heck I might even write about them! 

So, thoughts? Recommendations? Motivational sayings, quotes, photos you love? Workouts you love? I’ll take any and all, thank you. 


Keep it real,


1 thought on “Giving it the beans”

  1. I feel you on the beer, There are over 36 local breweries here in the Portland area alone and we have of course been trying them out on a regular basis. For a girl who didn’t used to like beer at all I am going really fond of dark brews and Greg has turned into a huge IPA fan. (You two would get along great)
    Its good to see you writing again!!


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